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Union County Recycling Program

Union County, NJ
Union County Recycling Program
BSG has been engaged by Union County to assist the County with its regulatory compliance of recycling rules. BSG’s responsibilities include assisting the County-appointed recycling coordinator to:
– Maintain contact information for all municipal recycling coordinators;

– Maintain records regarding the issuance, by each municipal governing body, of the exemption from source separation issued;

– Maintain copies of all municipal recycling ordinances and ensure that the ordinances are consistent with the County recycling plan;

– Meet with all municipal recycling coordinators at least annually to determine progress towards meeting the recycling goals of the County recycling plan; and

– Maintain a current list of used oil handling locations within the County.
Additionally, BSG assists with the enhancement of recycling participation through proposed outreach in the forms of workshops, seminars, meetings, and audits. These outreach programs provide a forum for discussion of applicable laws, recycling rules, and various available recycling options to generators and managing entity organizations. Topics for such presentations and meetings include source separation and collection practices; commodity pricing; hauling contracts; and tonnage reporting.
To further enhance Union County’s recycling program, BSG’s services include:
– Developing literature and web pages as needed to supplement existing County media for mailings or distribution at events;

– Assisting the County-appointed recycling coordinator and other applicable County officials, as needed, to establish a County Park System recycling program; and

– Audit, as needed, County occupied buildings for current recycling compliance, including education and outreach to staff within these buildings regarding their recycling obligations.



– Recycling Regulatory Compliance



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