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Overpeck Landfill

Bergen County, NJ
Bergen County Improvement Authority
BSG was retained by the Bergen County Improvement Authority (BCIA) to create a closure plan that would prepare the 100-acre municipal landfill site for redevelopment as a county park using imported recyclable fill. BSG provided the following services:
– Assist BCIA with obtaining funding through the Infrastructure Trust Fund and with drawing against the Fund through processing payment applications

– Geotechnical, hydrogeological, and remedial investigations

– Permitting, including landfill closure, both federal and state land use permits, and acceptable use determination for the use of stabilized dredge materials

– Design of the landfill leachate and gas management systems

– Development of site capping and grading plans using recyclable fill and stabilized dredge material

– Groundwater flow and leachate modeling

– Preparation of technical specifications and bid package

– Development of construction quality control/assurance and post closure monitoring plans

– Development of financial plan

– Construction management of the landfill closure, including the placement of over 300,000 cy of stabilized dredge materials in the capping system

– Preparation of protocol for acceptance of recyclable materials to provide for the required fill and the implementation of the landfill closure

– Assist BCIA in approving sources of recyclable materials in accordance with the approved protocol

– Provided construction management and quality assurance services for the management of accepting recyclable material at the Overpeck Site


– Landfill Engineering


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