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Essex County Utilities Authority

Essex County, NJ
Essex County Utilities
As the recycling consultant to Essex County Utilities Authority (ECUA), BSG developed the 2006 Recycling Amendment to the Essex County Solid Waste Management Plan. BSG assists the ECUA in interfacing with the NJDEP, various County departments, the 22 incorporated municipalities, neighboring District Recycling Coordinators, and numerous industry representatives to effectuate productive communication and compliance with the Plan.
Our services include such tasks as:
– Conducting recycling program audits of County departments;
– Providing public outreach initiatives such as brochures, presentations, and a new website;
– Helping to increase the municipal solid waste recycling rate by 5% in just two years.
BSG has also served as the focal point for outreach and education for ECUA. As part of this responsibility, BSG has presented educational seminars on issues such as food waste recycling, NJDEP tonnage reporting, multi-family housing recycling issues, and roundtable discussions on recycling in schools
BSG has also worked to tailor a digital recycling tonnage tracking software to assist municipalities in tracking tonnage recycled, potential markets, and non-compliant generators. In addition, our intent is to host this new application on the newly created ECUA website to allow the County to better track and manage municipal performance in reaching mandatory recycling goals.


– Recycling Program Support


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