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Ocean County Utilities Authority

West Creek, NJ

The Ocean County Utilities Authority required the rehabilitation of various sewage pumping stations within their southern service area. Prior evaluations were conducted at the pumping stations that generated a list of items requiring rehabilitation, replacement, and/or upgrading. The improvements are mostly due to the wear and tear typically associated with facilities of this type operating in the wastewater environments. Other improvements were intended to improve the operation of the stations. The pumping stations are typically of the separate wet well and drywell arrangement with reinforced concrete substructure and a masonry superstructure.

Birdsall Services Group (BSG) conducted subsequent inspections at the targeted stations to more thoroughly identify the concerns. A detailed Technical Design Report (TDR) was prepared to identify the items of work at each station and to identify the equipment and materials to be used in the design of the improvements. The TDR was ultimately submitted to the NJDEP as a requirement for obtaining funding assistance. The work was performed at ten pump stations in the southern service area.

The tasks generally consisted of the replacement of water booster systems for service water supply, replacement of bubbler piping for the pump control systems, various valve replacements, installation of a metering facility at one station, various concrete surface repairs, and special coating of surfaces. In addition, a new emergency generator was installed at one station and remote radiators were installed at several others.


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