Linden Landfill

Linden, NJ
Linden Landfill Closure

  • Assist the city in the management of the improperly installed stabilized dredge material for capping the landfill
  • Review the contract agreements, including terms and conditions between the city of Linden and a general contractors to cap and construct a golf course at the landfill
  • Provide critical recommendations to revise the agreement in favor of the city’s interests
  • Review the original and revised landfill closure plans prepared by an environmental consultant in order to ensure compliance with the NJDEP’s requirements
  • Review the quality control/assurance plan for the construction and installation activities at the subject site including impermeable liner, stormwater management, stabilized dredge material (SDM), and fill material
  • Provide slope stability monitoring and evaluation of landfill stability
  • Assist the city with landfill operation and maintenance
  • Provide ongoing consulting services
  • Assist with bidding and construction oversight of landfill closure
  • Provide extensive consulting services to the city to rectify land use permitting issues onsite, including negotiation with the NJDEP to reestablish a valid Letter of Interpretation for the site
  • Obtain required permits and approvals for onsite composting operations, including a Limited Class B Approval for the onsite grinder operations
  • Design and implementation of an extensive onsite wetland mitigation project, as required by the NJDEP
  • Assist the city in updating post closure financial plan and requests for reimbursement

BSG has assumed the role as overall Project Manager to develop a revised closure plan and provide full-time management of the closure.



– Landfill Engineering


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