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Bergen County Utilities

Little Ferry, NJ

Since 2004, has served as energy consultant and provide strategic planning, energy consulting and air permitting services to the Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA).. BSG has prepared and filed air quality permit application pertaining to the cogeneration facility. For the application, BSG has calculated emission potentials and evaluated sulfide and siloxane removal systems for pre-treatment of the biogas generated in the anaerobic digesters.

BSG has also prepared a Sustainable Energy Master Plan (SEMP) for the (BCUA), which considers present energy usage and evaluates past and proposed projects that may affect energy consumption. The SEMP considers existing energy use patterns of the wastewater treatment units, and extrapolated potentials for biogas use from current data. BSG evaluated the potential for cost savings and additional revenue streams from Renewable Energy Credits (REC). Incorporated into the plan is a greenhouse gas emission analysis to determine the 2006 baseline emissions for compliance with the New Jersey Global Warming Response Act, which requires a 20% emission reduction by 2020.

BSG is evaluating modifications to the anaerobic digesters to take advantage of ‘brown grease’. Brown grease is more difficult to process than yellow grease and has the potential for clogging sewer systems and treatment works. BSG is reviewing separation techniques to divert brown grease from the raw sewage directly to the anaerobic digesters to increase the biogas yield. This approach is common practice in Europe and eliminates the need to landfill or co-incinerate the brown grease with waste activated sludge.

BSG has presented the BCUA SEMP at the 2008 WEFTEC National Conference in Chicago and submitted the plan for award consideration. Based on our work, the BCUA was awarded the AEA WAVE Award in 2008 and 2009 and also won the 2009 New Jersey Clean Energy Award for Local Government Partners.


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