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Downtown Transportation & Streetscape

West Orange, NJ
West Orange Main Street Construction

Birdsall Services Group (BSG) was retained to work on the Main Street Corridor of West Orange, NJ.


Traffic services consist of a data collection, capacity analyses, vehicle forecasting, mass transit evaluation, development of alternatives for circulation and parking improvements, traffic signal and intersection improvements, and preparation of construction cost estimates.


Transportation Master Plan consists of alternatives to address deficiencies identified in the Traffic Forecasting/Modeling/Analyses Stage of the project.  Alternatives developed for the project will be specifically developed to address the project’s major elements.


The landscaping for this project includes the development of a gateway, way-finding signage and streetscape signs, large canopy street shade trees, ornamental pedestrian-scaled lighting, intersections/crosswalks and sidewalk areas, street furnishings, and traffic calming.


In order for the residents of West Orange to have input on the creative choices for this project, BSG held several Community Visioning Sessions that aided in design guidelines and formulating a vision for the project.



– Preliminary Engineering
– Final Design
– Construction Management
– Landscape Architecture
– Context Sensitive Design
– Community Involvement



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