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Marine Engineers

Most of the earth is covered in water and for centuries humans have used the earth's oceans and waterways to accomplish unparalleled tasks.  Today, the earth's oceans and waterways are used to harness power, take Caribbean cruises, and mine for oil.


Since most of the work in marine engineering new jersey is done on the coasts and at sea, the sector is foreign to most of the general public, however, the field has always served a crucial function. Marine engineers are responsible for the design and construction of ships, the construction of ports and waterfront cargo facilities, and the operation of ships and support vessels.

Marine engineers not only design the ships, but they also determine how they operate. Marine engineers are responsible for selecting ships' machinery, which may include diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines or nuclear reactors. Marine engineers are also responsible for the design of mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the vessel.

The primary trend affecting all aspects of the shipping industry is the gradual move to larger and larger container ships which presents technical challenges to the ship designers and builders. It also creates environmental challenges to those engineers and managers seeking to ensure safe and environmentally sound navigation within our waterways.

Engineers can not only design and maintain the largest moving vessels on earth, they can help find one of the ocean's greatest resources — oil.

Marine engineers help in the design and maintenance of rigs, such as exploratory and jack-ups. Offshore drilling is getting more and more challenging as companies are seeking oil in deeper waters. In the future, marine engineers will be dealing with more complicated structures that will create more complex problems to solve.