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Introduction to Land Surveying

Surveying Engineering involves the application of knowledge to the analysis, design, and execution of surveying and mapping projects and the design of land mapping and information systems. Surveyors rely on an understanding of the science of surveying measurement and analysis, the legal principles of boundary location, the laws related to boundaries and land use, and applicable mathematical and computational theories and principles when performing this work. Positional accuracy, land planning and development concepts pertinent to subdivision of land and property surveys, land record and land tenure concepts as well as earth-related sciences such as geodesy are each a part of professional surveying.  Surveying Engineers work for private surveying or engineering firms, and normally for city, county, state or federal highway departments. You can find several engineering company new jersey.


The act of surveying is essentially the art and science of measuring and mapping land.  While the entire scope of the surveying profession is large, it all boils down to determining where land boundaries are located.  Without this service, railroads could not be built, skyscrapers could not be erected, and individuals could not put up fences around their yards, for fear of trespassing on someone else's land. 


Would you like an interstate highway to be built in your backyard, one you've paid for, maintained, and paid taxes on for years, without your permission?  Of course, how would you know it was in your backyard without a surveyor to tell you where your property even was?  A surveying company stakes out boundaries of roads, monitors skyscrapers to make sure they are being erected vertically, and measures airports so that the runways are perfectly aligned and smooth.  So, if you see a guy in the road looking through an instrument on a tripod, that is a surveyor, now you know that he is doing more than taking pictures.


A surveyor is more than one of those guys you see out in the road.   Surveying is a crucial part of the design and construction process.  A surveying company new jersey performs boundary surveys to tell people where their property is, maps the topography of land for engineering design, establishes elevations of building sites for flood insurance, performs title surveys for real estate transactions, and certifies that structures are built according to design.  A surveyor will also lay out buildings, subdivisions and other construction projects so the construction companies can relate the engineering plans to the real world, and build control networks that all land parcels can relate to in a given area. Keep in mind that you can also contact a public engineering new jersey.